21 januari - 25 februari 2023


Wetterling Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition at Wetterling Gallery Stockholm and a solo exhibition by Malin Molin

The artists Jim Dine, Mike and Doug Starn, Angela De La Cruz, Ed Ruscha, Bernar Venet, Allen Jones, Isca Greenfield-Sanders, Sebastian Blanck, SEO, Jason Martin and Peter Blake have all gained recognition and praise for their unique and innovative styles and techniques.

At the same time are we also showing a solo exhibition by Malin Molin

Malin Molin's paintings explore the relationship between the body, desire, and images through colorful, still-life depictions of food. She incorporates online images as templates to bring digital representations back into physical reality, drawing inspiration from the tradition of still-life painting and 17th century Western art. Her work aims to evoke a physical response through its over-the-top, baroque style, and is characterized by carefully-arranged compositions, a vibrant color palette, and glossy finishes. Overall, Molin's paintings offer a unique perspective on contemporary issues of individual identity and image consumption in the digital age.

Together, these artists represent a diverse range of styles and mediums, each contributing to the rich history of contemporary art.

The opening will take place on Saturday the 21 of January, 2023, between 12 and 4pm.

The exhibition runs through 26 of Feberuary 2023.

We very much look forward to welcoming you.

The Wetterling Gallery Team

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