Didier Jordan


25 maj 2024 - 24 augusti 2024

Didier Jordan

 18 april 2024

Choosing slowness, it is under the sign of lounging that Swiss photographer Didier Jordan imagined immersing himself in the drifting megalopolis of Athens, to apprehend the urban space in a new light, using the method of the surrealists, who strolled endlessly through Paris in search of objects to divert from their everyday use.

“I met them in the streets of Athens, standing motionless at the foot of buildings. Overheated by the scorching sun, battered by the salty wind, stung by the acidic air, they were gradually transformed by the onslaught of urban life. A metamorphosis has taken place on their metal skin. Unpredictable patterns have appeared on their bonnets: here a shoreline, there a mountain, or a new continent. So many imaginary lands that time has patiently engraved. At first sighted incidentally, then looked at curiously, I ended up actively seeking them out. These images were born from our fleeting encounters. ” Didier Jordan

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